SIERRA Palle GameKing 224" 55gr SP BT #1365 (100pz)

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In rifles chambering 22 caliber cartridges of moderate to large powder capacity, this famous bullet is perhaps the most efficient 22 caliber bullet available for varmints at long range or targets. The spitzer boat tail design provides exceptional accuracy and a flat trajectory. The high ballistic coefficient of this bullet provides less sensitivity to crosswinds and vertical winds and greater retained velocity and energy downrange. It is an excellent choice for most 22 centerfire cartridges but is at its best in the 22-250, 220 Swift, and similar high-velocity cartridges. For target shooting purposes this 55 grain spitzer boat tail has been surpassed by the heavier MatchKing bullets in 22 caliber, but in many rifles it delivers match-grade accuracy.

For handguns, because it has the Sierra high velocity construction, this bullet is too “hard” to be recommended for hunting applications. However, it features the famous Sierra accuracy and is certainly an excellent choice for long-range accuracy under all conditions. If a boat tail bullet with extremely high accuracy fits your needs for target shooting, then this bullet should be your choice.

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EAN/UPC 092763013656
Produttore SIERRA
Codice Produttore 1365
Prezzo 43,10 €
Calibro Palle Calibro 22 cal
Confezioni da 100
Peso [grani] 55
Diametro Palla [inch] Diametro Ogiva .224
Profilo SP BT
Nome Palla GameKing
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