SIERRA Palle BlitzKing 204" 39gr SP #1039 (100pz)

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For rifles, this bullet is designed for explosive expansion in varmints and small game and with accuracy characteristic of the MatchKing bullets. The nose tip of this bullet is made of a proprietary acetyl resin compound, and the sharp shape will improve the ballistic coefficient over the traditional Spitzer bullet design. The 39 grain BlitzKing #1039 has a boat tail. All the BlitzKing bullets in 20 caliber are designed to handle high muzzle velocities from cartridges like the 204 Ruger, and can easily handle velocities from others like the 20 Tactical and 20 Vartarg. This bullet was designed to be the perfect length and stabilize in the 204 Ruger’s original 1-12" twist barrel.

For handguns, the BlitzKing bullet is especially effective in varmints and small game for the full range of centerfire cartridges in 20 caliber. They have outstanding accuracy, a flat trajectory and superb expansion in small animals even with the smaller-capacity cartridges chambered in shorter barrels. The 39 grain #1039 bullet is suitable for those smaller cartridges, like the 20 Vartarg that is essentially a necked down 221 Fireball.

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EAN/UPC 092763010396
Produttore SIERRA
Codice Produttore 1039
Prezzo 54,95 €
Calibro Palle Calibro 20 cal
Confezioni da 100
Peso [grani] 39
Diametro Palla [inch] Diametro Ogiva .204
Profilo SP
Nome Palla BlitzKing


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