LYMAN Brass Smith 500 Metal Reloading Scale #7752225

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The Lyman Brass Smith 500 Metal Reloading Scale offers all of the features that serious reloaders are looking for. The Brass Smith 500 is built upon a sturdy aluminum body which reduces vibrations and ensures accuracy. The beam is double sided and the pan has two handles making it easy for right or left handed reloaders to use. In addition, the beam features black markings with a white background for easy reading throughout it's 505 grain capacity. The scale also features magnetic dampening and precision ground knife edges for fast, smooth and accurate operation. Each scale is carefully calibrated at the factory and is accurate to plus or minus 1/10 grain .

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Produttore LYMAN
Codice Produttore 7752225
Prezzo 139,00 €
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