S&W Guance in Legno J Round Bateleur Silverblack Crockback/Stipple Laser Logo

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The BATELEUR® Grip is an Oversized Combat (finger grooved) grip. The grip encloses the back-strap of the frame. Fortunately, the J Frame frame is small so this wrap around feature does not make the grip too large.

It provides the most stability - contact with the hand - of any of the available J Frame grips. It also works for smaller hands. Recoil control is excellent.

For hot loads in a J Frame Round Butt revolver, I think this grip is a must. We use a pin system to line up the finger grooves to prevent panel mismatching. We offer the BATELEUR® with various textures and materials shown below.

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Codice Produttore SJR-BL06-CB-M0-03L
Prezzo 146,00 €
Per S&W J Frame
Materiale Legno
Colore Silverblack


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