NOSLER Palle Partition 308" 220gr Semi SP #16332 (50pz)

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The Nosler Partition® is designed with a fully tapered copper-alloy jacket which ruptures instantly on impact curling the jacket uniformly outward. The dual-core design assures rapid expansion of the foremost core while Nosler’s integral partition supports the expanded mushroom allowing the enclosed rear core to remain intact retaining more than two-thirds the original bullet weight for deep penetration. The Nosler Partition® special lead-alloy, dual-core provides superior mushrooming characteristics at virtually all impact velocities on any game.

Maggiori Informazioni
EAN/UPC 054041163323
Produttore NOSLER
Codice Produttore 16332
Prezzo 105,00 €
Calibro Palle Calibro 30 cal
Confezioni da 50
Peso [grani] 220
Diametro Palla [inch] Diametro Ogiva .308
Profilo Semi SP
Nome Palla Partition

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